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Protein Pancake Mix

Protein-rich baking mixture for the simple preparation of a protein pancake!
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10 Ratings
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Suitable for Weight training Fitness Diet

Lactose free

Gluten free

Low in sugar

Does a high-protein diet have to be boring or meat-heavy? The Energybody Protein Kaiserschmarrn inevitably proves the opposite! It's super tasty, rich in protein and the perfect dessert for all fitness enthusiasts.

The Protein Kaiserschmarrn can be used after intensive training sessions, if you don't feel like having a shake and still don't want to go without high-quality protein. Alternatively, this delicacy can also be used as a snack between meals when the hunger for sweetness comes through again. The best thing about it, however, is: The combination of carbohydrates and proteins keep you full for a long time, can help reduce your appetite and support you optimally in regeneration and muscle maintenance - without the annoying blood sugar yo-yo that sooner or later leads to food cravings. In addition: You will only maintain and implement it in the long term if you really enjoy your fit diet. Only in this way will you be successful in the long term.

The Protein Kaiserschmarrn should help to convey the fun of a fit lifestyle - and according to the regular users and the enthusiastic feedback, we have also succeeded. It was not for nothing that visitors to the world's largest fitness fair stood in line to secure such a snack.
So: trying is better than studying...

- Gluten free
- Lactose free
- 17 g protein / 100 g Kaiserschmarrn
- Only 179 kcal per 100 g Kaiserschmarrn
- Easy to prepare with water
- Also suitable for making protein pancakes


Mix 50 g of powder with 70 ml of cold water and cook the pancakes in a pan at medium temperatures, first 3 minutes on one side and afterwards 1 minute on the other side.

4.6 of 5
10 Ratings






01.03.2021 - Dana

05.05.2021 - Sabine
Sehr gut 😍

04.08.2021 - Maren

03.08.2021 - Stephan

01.12.2021 - Patrick

04.02.2022 - Florian

07.03.2022 - Jakob
Sehr lecker!

06.04.2022 - Michael
Recht leckerer Kaiserschmarrn schön mit Erithryt Puderzucker aber die Portion ist echt winzig doch für zwischendurch super schnell gemacht

20.04.2022 - Lisa
Lösen sich schlecht vom Pfannenboden

23.04.2022 - Julia

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