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Discover the world of pretty woman®. Sports nutrition for women that packs a punch.

pretty woman® is your brand for nutritional supplements of the highest quality that are specifically tailored to the female body. Our products for women contain everything women need for a healthy fitness lifestyle: Valuable proteins and healthy fatty acids enriched with the best vitamins and minerals (also: micronutrients). Delicious in taste. Made in Germany. #bepretty

Our pretty woman® products

Premium Quality with a well being charakter for a womans active life.

Daily BlenderBottle
600 ml premium shaker

Daily Boost Caps
Premium energiser with green tea extract and L-carnitine

Content: 101.49 grams (€30.54* / 100 grams)

Daily Collagen
Beauty drink with vitamin C and biotin

Content: 500 milliliters (€4.98* / 100 milliliters)

Daily Glow Protein
Protein shake for women

Content: 0.42 kilogram (€54.74* / 1 kilogram)

Daily Glow Protein Sachets
Protein concentrate with magnesium, folic acid and biotin in a sachet

Content: 0.03 kilogram (€66.33* / 1 kilogram)

Pretty Woman Daily Bottle
Premium glass drinking bottle 500 ml

We will make you GLOW!

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With pretty woman® you can successfully achieve your fitness goals. No matter whether you are training to build muscle, simply want to increase your endurance or the general fitness of your body or want to lose weight with a special diet - our nutritional supplement for women will provide you with optimal support.

Dietary supplements for women: Start your fitness success story with pretty woman®

Our Daily Glow Protein, the protein powder for spooning, contains a valuable protein mix of whey protein, milk protein (also: casein protein), soy protein and chicken protein. The multi-component protein powder therefore has a particularly high biological value. Because the supply of protein alone - the must-have for successful muscle building and a trained body - is not enough for us, we have supplemented the pretty woman® nutritional supplements with a special extra set of nutrients. Our Daily Glow Protein also contains vitamin C for your immune system and biotin for nourished skin and beautiful hair. Are you looking for a pure beauty drink with vitamin C and biotin for body, skin and hair? Then try our Daily Collagen.

Get the ultimate energy kick for your daily training with our Daily Boost. You can easily take the capsules with invigorating green tea extract and the amino acid L-carnitine, which stimulates fat metabolism and helps you lose weight, before training or during training. Our Daily Immune Active dietary supplement also provides you with important nutrients and vitamins. Immune-active vitamins and trace elements keep your immune system fit and provide your body with essential energy for everyday life. There are a lot of these in Daily Immune Active - including vitamin C, vitamin D, B vitamins, folic acid, the complex and digestive carbohydrate inulin as well as the minerals selenium, iron and zinc. The high-quality mixture of vitamins and minerals is perfect for giving your body an immune treatment in stressful times - you'll see that after just a few weeks you'll feel noticeably fit! To round off your fitness diet, we recommend the pretty woman® Daily Omega-3. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the body's functions and are a supplement that should not be missing from any healthy diet unless you get enough omega-3 in your diet.

Why you as a woman need special nutritional supplements

The fact is: the biological differences between men and women affect training. And the need for sports nutrition. Not all nutrition is the same. Building muscle is not the same as building muscle. Women's metabolism - just like their bodies - is structured differently than that of men. While men have a daily energy requirement of around 2,200 calories, women need 1,900 calories. The fact that the metabolism in the male body works differently than in women is due to the respective distribution of hormones. In addition, the female body stores more fat - as an evolutionary reserve for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Women's muscles have alpha receptors, while men's muscles have alpha receptors. Beta receptors are.

All of these differences are one reason why pretty woman® exists. With our nutritional supplements for women, we give you everything you as an athlete need for a balanced diet, a fitness lifestyle and the achievement of your individual muscle building or weight loss goals - from proteins to amino acids and healthy fats.