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Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward
Innovative products that bring you forward. Since 1988!

Silicon Valley in Bavaria

There are only a few products on the supplement market in the liquid sector. The quality of the products does not meet the expectations of Peter and Karl Holzinger. The two brothers decide to revolutionize the market and bring better products to the market, which should bring ambitious athletes forward.

The first products were developed in the living room laboratory at home. Day and night, new recipes were tinkered with, products were filled and also independently delivered to the customer to ensure a perfect product from the idea to delivery.

Always innovative.

For over 30 years our focus has been on innovative products that make sense and help people advance.

1988 - 100 % Anabol

The classic that is at home all over the world. Liquid, highly concentrated amino acids in a glass ampoule. Even today, 100% Anabol is valued by ambitious athletes and used to build muscle mass. By the way, absolutely legal and doping-free!

1995 - Fitness-Snacks

A bar especially for athletes with carbohydrates and protein. An indispensable part of the studios and supermarket shelves today, a fitness bar was a real revolution in 1995. Today the delicious snacks are still available in 3 delicious flavors.

2005 - Mega Protein

Our bestseller for many years. High protein content, creamy, delicious taste and available in over 20 flavors Mega Protein is the ideal drink and taste experience after an intense workout.

Today and in the future

Today products are developed in a large team consisting of nutritionists together with athletes. From the management across all instances, you can clearly see the passion for bodybuilding and fitness.

Through continuous further development, Energybody Systems offers the entire range of high-quality sports nutrition. Our protein shakes, bars, liquids and powders help ambitious athletes to constantly improve.

Good taste is just as important  as high-quality raw materials and sensible and verifiable functionality. That is premium sports food, made in Germany !

Our product promises

Premium Sportsfood - Made in Germany.
Not just a slogan but a lived company philosophy:


We combine functionality with delicious taste. Sports nutrition has to be as fun as training itself. Delicious shakes, bars with a soft core and crunchy shell, refreshing EAA drinks and much more give your training success a tasty note.


Made in Germany - a seal of great importance because it stands for quality, regionality and sustainability. Tested, high-quality raw materials, short delivery routes and an increasing focus on sustainable packaging solutions make our products "premium sports food".


Our innovation team made up of athletes and nutritionists is constantly developing new products on the subject of sport and healthy nutrition. Not only that. We also always think innovatively for our studio partners and generate measures for economic success. Our studio affiliate system is unique in Germany.

Energybody & Nachhaltigkeit

Nichts wird gerade heißer diskutiert wie der Klimawandel. Und das ist auch gut so.
Wir möchten unseren Teil für eine Verbessung der Umwelt beitragen.
Wir sind hier noch nicht perfekt, arbeiten aber mit Hochdruck an nachhaltigen Lösungen!

Biodegradable consumables

Plastics made from renewable raw materials, e.g. sugar cane

Refill systems and reusable solutions