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Bavarian Bar
Oat bars for sport, leisure & work

Content: 1200 grams (€2.50* / 100 grams)

Bavarian Bar Selection Box
Bavarian bars to test and enjoy

Daily Glow Protein
Protein shake for women

Content: 0.42 kilogram (€54.74* / 1 kilogram)

Daily Glow Protein Sample Package
Daily Glow Protein Sample package

Magnesium + Vitamin C Ampoules
With 250 mg magnesium per ampoule!

Content: 500 milliliters (€3.99* / 100 milliliters)

Mega Protein
Multi-component protein

Content: 500 grams (€4.39* / 100 grams)

Mega Protein H2O
Creamy shakes made from multi-component protein for preparation with water

Content: 0.9 kilogram (€49.94* / 1 kilogram)

Mega Protein H2O Sample Package
Creamy shakes made from multi-component protein in a tasting pack

Mega Protein Sample Package
Mega protein in a practical sample package

Nature Whey Protein
Whey protein isolate and concentrate

Content: 0.6 kilogram (€49.98* / 1 kilogram)


Sportsfood for your personal best

Proteins & Powders

Whey proteins and protein powders contribute to building and maintaining muscle mass. Give your muscles nutrients to grow and regenerate before, during or after training.

Protein- & Oat-Bars

Protein bars are the tasty and functional snack in sports nutrition for in-between meals and on the go. Treat yourself to a healthy little break with the protein bars from Energybody. Our bars provide you with quick energy during sport and contain important nutrients.


Do you need a lot of power for a hard workout or the next triathlon competition? You'll find the right products here.

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins and minerals such as omega-3 and magnesium help to support mental and physical performance. Discover now!


Powders are not your thing? Then take advantage of our wide range of liquid sports nutrition. Our high-quality protein hydrolysate, for example, supplemented with free amino acids such as L-arginine, L-glutamine and BCAA, is ideal for your training and muscle building.

Pretty Woman®

Our product line with ingredients especially for the sporty woman. Make your body shine!

How can we help you?

Diet / Lose weight

Do you want to lose weight and get in shape? Discover products that effectively support you with your diet.

Muscle building / endurance

Do you focus on building muscle and increasing endurance? Find products that will take you further.


Stay healthy! Our extensive range of vitamins, minerals and amino acids will help you with this.

You like it tasty?

We too. If you value high-quality, effective sports nutrition, you don't have to do without good taste. We'll prove it to you! Get your hands on our test packs!


Do you have a specific goal in mind but don't really know where to start? Our scientifically based articles are guaranteed to help you! With lots of free ebooks!

Sportnahrung und Fitnessnahrung für deine persönliche Bestmarke

Energybody Systems unterstützt Sportler und Sportbegeisterte mit der richtigen Fitnessnahrung dabei, sich selbst zu verwirklichen. Unser Premium Sportsfood stellen wir seit mehr als 30 Jahren mit großer Leidenschaft her. Bereits seit Beginn produzieren wir unsere Produkte in Deutschland und entwickeln unsere Proteine, Riegel und Liquids stets weiter. Nur so können wir Athleten und Sportbegeisterten helfen, sich ständig zu verbessern.

Unser Anspruch ist, unser umfangreiches Wissen im Bereich der Sportnahrung und Fitnessnahrung mit Sportbegeisterten zu teilen, damit diese ihre Ziele erreichen können. Unsere innovativen Produkte sind genau auf die Bedürfnisse von Trainierenden zugeschnitten. Jeder verfolgt dabei ein anderes Fitness-Ziel. Unser umfangreiches Produktsortiment unterstützt alle bei der Verwirklichung der Ziele - vom Bodybuilder bis zum Freizeitsportler. Energybody Systems ist dein erfahrener Partner für Proteine und Fitnessnahrung.