Power Bundle - Trainingsbooster - No regrets and Amino Genin

The perfect pre- and post-workout booster bundle
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Suitable for Weight training

Feeling strong and being really strong are two different things- that's why we offer you two products, the No Regrets before and the Amino Genin after - the highlight - the workout in between: a rush of happiness!

Have you always wanted to really "work into strength"? We define it as a precisely tuned supplement that gives your muscles the ultimate fuel in the form of the right ingredients, just when you need it.

Pre-Workout Booster No Regrets

No Regrets? It's the direct-injection turbocharger. A matrix of fast proteinogenic amino acids (BCAAs, L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, L-tyrosine, beta-alanine), plant adaptogens ("stress killers and strength boosters" rhodiola and schisandra, plus highly concentrated polyphenol-rich grape and apple peel extract) meet traditionally reliable caffeine and L-taurine. Guaranteed to kick-start your performance and predestined as a pre-workout supplement. Do you still drive a car or already a sports car?

Post-Workout Shot Amino Genin

After a workout, your muscles are craving anabolic proteinogenic amino acids. If their pitiful call is not returned, ugly muscle soreness beckons. We want to shape up and grow, not suffer: Amino Genin gets you on the right track! When high-quality and "ultra-fast" whey protein hydrolysate (the Ferrari among protein sources) meets BCAAs and an additional enrichment with L-arginine and L-ornithine takes place, the result is a supplement that even the gods of Olympus would not be averse to: Amino Genin. Ready to drink in the 60 ml shot ampoule. Flood your muscles with the noblest and best ingredients and they will thank you shapely with power.



No regrets: Pro Portion 16 g Pulver (= 2 gestrichene Messlöffel) mit 200 ml kaltem Wasser in den Mixer geben und 20 Sekunden lang schütteln. Täglich 1 Portion vor dem Training trinken.

Amino Genin: Fläschchen vor Gebrauch gut schütteln. Täglich 1 Fläschchen (60 ml) nachdem Training trinken.

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