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Whey Protein 2250 g can

The delicious whey protein shake in a practical 2250 g can. The protein powder is optimally soluble in water.
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29 Ratings
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Suitable for Weight training Fitness

Whey Protein is the water-soluble protein variant from Energybody Systems. Due to the full instantization, the powder is extremely soluble - even in water - without losing its taste! Our whey protein powder is available in many delicious flavors.

Whey protein, also called whey protein, can be absorbed and processed very quickly by the body. This is how you support your body with the best proteins to build muscle. The whey protein is made into powder from milk and is suitable for both recreational and professional athletes.

For athletes, it is essential to supplement their training with proteins and proteins. Above all, proteins with a high biological value are used to build muscle. In addition to soy or casein, this also includes the whey protein from Energybody. In addition to saturated fatty acids, Energybody's whey protein also contains essential amino acids. Amino acids form the basis for proteins in the human body. Some amino acids cannot be produced by the body and must therefore be taken in through food. The whey protein from Energybody is very well suited for the daily intake of proteins.

One can of whey protein contains 2250 g. That corresponds to 75 servings.

Put 30 g powder per serving with 200 ml water in a shaker and shake for 20 seconds to get a creamy protein shake. Drink 1 serving of the whey protein daily before or after training. So the protein shake can optimally support you in building muscle.

Important note: This product is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Commitment to clean sport: Our product Energybody Whey Protein Double Chocolate is regularly tested for selected doping substances.

4.9 of 5
29 Ratings






20.02.2021 - Annelore

20.03.2021 - Klaus
Preis ist okay, die Ware erstklassig und der Versand reibungslos und zügig. Perfekt!

28.03.2021 - Gisela

02.04.2021 - Fabian
Unkomplizierte und schnelle Lieferung

22.04.2021 - Anastasiia

06.08.2021 - Rene

14.08.2021 - Franziska

23.08.2021 - Bernd
gute Kombination aus Protein und Aminos

19.08.2021 - Felix
super Geschmack - hier merkt man die Qualität!

04.10.2021 - Nicole

06.10.2021 - Kaan

11.10.2021 - Alexander
Everything top but i liked to get apple kiwi again

12.10.2021 - Benjamin
Super Geschmack und fairer Preis

24.11.2021 - Matthias

24.11.2021 - Philipp

18.01.2022 - Martina
Perfekte telefonische Beratung, super schnelle Lieferung

21.05.2022 - Vitali
Gute Qualität

03.06.2022 - Carmen

20.07.2022 - Yvonne

30.07.2022 - Yvonne

08.08.2022 - Sergiy
Das ist das beste Protein.

15.08.2022 - Wolfgang
Passt, ist o.k.

12.09.2022 - Torben

18.10.2022 - Sergiy

11.12.2022 - Sergiy
Ihr Protein ist sehr gut. Wir kaufen es regelmäßig seit mehreren Jahren und sind sehr zufrieden mit dem Geschmack und Ergebnis

29.12.2022 - Metin

15.01.2023 - Karsten

10.02.2023 - Sergiy

18.02.2023 - Dragan

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