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Premium collagen beauty drink with vitamin C and biotin.
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Suitable for Fitness

Low in sugar

The beauty drink from Pretty Woman. The patented active ingredient Verisol is a so-called bioactive collagen peptide. The vitamin C contained in the peptides leads to normal collagen formation in the skin. The biotin exclusively ensures that normal skin is maintained. And all this with less than 1 g of sugar per serving.

Since beauty is not only external, but above all comes from within, the formula was designed so that the highly bioavailable zinc citrate contributes to a normal acid-base balance and fat metabolism, protects against oxidative stress and contributes to maintaining normal immune function.

The Beauty Drink Daily Collagen provides the nutrients required for optimal metabolic function: Vitamin C, zinc citrate, vitamin E, biotin. Every sip is a pleasure for our beauty. Enjoy Daily Collagen pure, in smoothies or shakes. Collagen is the protein that occurs most frequently in our body. Our skin consists of 80% of this structure.

It also gives many body parts their firmness. After a certain age, the body's own collagen production decreases and the first wrinkles become visible. By taking collagen, the skin cells are stimulated to produce more of the body's own collagen again.

More information about VERISOL

You will benefit significantly from this:


- Visibly healthier skin
- Higher skin elasticity
- Reduction of wrinkles
- Improved skin structure and reduction of cellulite
- Healthy fingernail growth

Shake well before use!

Take 1 serving = 25 ml (see measuring cup) per day. Do not drink Collagen Silk directly from the bottle.


Important information: Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose. This product should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Store out of reach of young children.

Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin.

Biotin and zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal hair and normal skin

Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal nails

4.9 of 5
18 Ratings






14.01.2021 - Sabine

04.01.2021 - Natalie

29.03.2021 - Svetlana

08.04.2021 - Tatyana

14.06.2021 - Anna-Maria
Super Präparat, hält was es verspricht

22.06.2021 - Anna-Maria
Schmeckt sehr lecker und ich meine es hilft. Super schnelle Lieferung, tolles Eiweißpulver, daß schmeckt und cremig/schaumig wird, ein Traum.

18.07.2021 - Haci Mehmet

19.08.2021 - Haci Mehmet

08.09.2021 - Christina

15.09.2021 - Günter

27.09.2021 - Günter

09.01.2022 - Günter

15.02.2022 - Kameta

30.07.2022 - Svitlana
Ваш товар и сайт- Рекомендация подруги. Я довольна!! Хорошая форма выпуска. Лучшая! Спасибо что Вы есть! Обязательно повторю заказ!

23.06.2022 - Kovaliova

16.09.2022 - Yvette

16.12.2022 - Natascha
Empfehlenswert 😊

19.12.2022 - Karsten
Seit meine Frau das Daily Collagen nimmt, hat sie weniger Kniegelenkschmerzen. Dauerte ein paar Wochen, scheint aber nachhaltiger zu sein, als immer wieder nur die Entzündungen wegzudrücken.

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