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Amino Liquid 548.000 mg

Concentrated amino acids
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Suitable for Weight training

Low in sugar

Aspartame free

All proteins in our food and in our body are made up of amino acids. They are the building blocks of proteins. But that is why not every protein and every amino acid is the same. Because individual amino acid combinations have very specific effects in our body. One speaks then of bioactive peptides.

One of these bioactive peptides is the Peptiplus. A special combination of amino acids, which is directly used by our body to build muscles and tendons located on the muscles.

This is exactly what makes Amino Liquid a second generation amino acid preparation. Instead of simply putting together unspecific amino acids, special biotechnical processes make it possible to supply exactly the amino acid combination that is really used by the body to build muscle and tendon structures. And this is exactly what is important for intensive training units.

Therefore, Amino Liquid is your perfect workout companion. Make sure to consume a portion of Peptiplus together with Amino Liquid immediately after the workout and supplement it about 30-60 minutes later with additional building material for your muscles. Such as a high-quality whey protein shake.

Imagine Peptiplus as the switch for muscle building and your balanced protein-rich diet as the supplier of sufficient building material. The perfect combination for ambitious fitness athletes.


Shake product well before use. Drink 1 portion of 20 ml (see measuring cup) daily directly after training, either pure or diluted with water.

Do not drink Amino Liquid directly from the bottle. Do not exceed the indicated recommended daily dosage! Store out of reach of small children. This product should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

4.9 of 5
48 Ratings






04.01.2021 - Natalie

23.02.2021 - Tim

20.03.2021 - michael

29.03.2021 - Svetlana

20.04.2021 - Krystian

29.04.2021 - Julija
So far the best amino acids, that I could find…

08.05.2021 - Andreas
Tolles Post-Workout Supp! Schnell aufnehmbare Amminos. Geschmack ist super.

20.05.2021 - Yupha
Bester Geschmack von allen flüssig Aminosäuren. Einnahme pur = perfekt

16.06.2021 - Bouladian

04.09.2021 - Zoran
Alles gut geklappt

04.10.2021 - Nicole

08.11.2021 - Irina

09.01.2022 - Jörg

03.02.2022 - Nataliya

15.02.2022 - Kameta

23.02.2022 - Alena

24.02.2022 - Inna

07.02.2022 - Svetlana

18.04.2022 - Svetlana

03.02.2022 - Olga

04.05.2022 - Светлана
Hallo! Ich nehme seit dem dritten Monat Aminosäuren ein. Das gefällt mir sehr gut! Qualitätsprodukt, ausgezeichnete Zusammensetzung, vollständiger Komplex aus allen Aminosäuren. Ein hervorragender Ersatz für Fleischprotein. Herzlichen Dank! Möge Ihr Unternehmen gedeihen!

13.05.2022 - ercan

24.05.2022 - Alona

11.06.2022 - Kovaliova

06.06.2022 - ercan

19.06.2022 - Svetlana

04.08.2022 - Detlef

14.08.2022 - Ercan

23.08.2022 - Elena

04.09.2022 - Nataliia
Super! J'ai aimé ce produit!

14.09.2022 - Natella
Шикарный продукт . Благодарю !

13.09.2022 - Sarah

13.11.2022 - Svetlana

21.03.2023 - MARIIA
The products are good but the delivery is extremely expensive. I wish to order more often but I don’t do it because 16€ to deliver from Germany to France is definitely overpriced … pity.

23.03.2023 - ercan

19.01.2023 - Alona

01.05.2023 - Kovaliova

01.07.2023 - ercan

16.07.2023 - Yuliya
My products for 190 euros were sent to some other person and I can’t get any word from the company ..Can’t get refund and DHL ignore me as I am not sender .I paid for products but never received them :(

27.07.2023 - Thomas

31.07.2023 - Yuliya

05.07.2023 - STELLA

01.10.2023 - ercan

15.11.2023 - Natalia

03.12.2023 - Irina

01.01.2024 - Dana Barbara

13.01.2024 - ercan

23.02.2024 - Svitlana
Оптимальная, удобная, работающая одна из самых любимых добавок в моей здоровой жизни! Очень рекомендую! Цена качество на высоте! От всего сердца спасибо производителю! Гордость страны! ❤ .. А ещё хотела порекомендовать ваш сухой протеин в порошке! Это так вкусно !!! 😍😍😍 И полезно. Богатый состав. Спасибо за комплимент в виде 2х пакетиков! Буду брать и всем рекомендую! 😋

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