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Gain Pro Plus 3.500 g

Stop the "sugar brews". Gain Pro is different - better!
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Suitable for Weight training

Gain Pro is a weight gainer that really can do something. Rather than just fortifying a mid-level protein with sugar, we've gone the other ways and used only the highest quality raw materials. Whey protein and carbohydrates from real oats and barley. The quality counts. Because you are what you eat.

3,500 g can

Mix 75 g of Gain Pro Plus with 500 ml of low-fat milk (1,5 % fat) in a shaker. Take 1 serving per day for 4 weeks. Make a break after this period for 4 weeks.

Important information

Gain Pro Plus is not suitable for permanent use. Don’t exceed the daily dosage of 3 g of creatine, which is delivered by 1 serving of Gain Pro Plus. Weight gain is possible if you use the product permanently. This product is not suitable for children, adolescents, pregnant and nursing women. Gain Pro Plus should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Protein contributes to the growth of muscle mass. Creatine increases physical performance during short-term, high-intensity, repeated exercise bouts. In order to obtain the claimed effect, 3 g of creatine should be consumed daily (delivered by one serving of Gain Pro Plus).

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3 Ratings






18.07.2021 - Haci Mehmet

11.01.2022 - Uwe

24.03.2022 - Marcus
Geschmack ist super. Nehmen es nach dem Training und an den Trainingsfreien Tagen 1x täglich. 4 Sterne gibt es nur, weil der Shake nicht so cremig ist.

Dietetic food for intense muscular efforts, especially for top athletes in intense weight training and for athletes in speed-strength sports.

Powder with oatmeal, whey protein and creatine monohydrate for the preparation of a shake. With sweeteners.

Ingredients: Oatmeal (70%), whey protein (10 %) (with emulsifier soy lecithine), fat-reduced cocoa powder (7,7 %), creatine monohydrate (4,5 %), barley flake flour, flavour, sweeteners (cyclamate, saccharin, sucralose). May contain traces of egg and lupine.


Average nutritional values

per 100 g

per serving

(75 g/ 500 ml   milk (1,5 % fat))


1481 kJ

353 kcal

2107 kJ

501 kcal


of which saturated fatty acids

6,6 g

1,9 g

12,5 g

6,2 g


of which sugars

51,5 g

1,0 g

62,5 g

25 g


20 g

31,9 g


 0,15 g

0,73 g

Special ingredients



Creatine monohydrate

( Creapure®)

of which creatine

4,5 g


4,0 g

3,4 g


3,0 g


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