Protein Pancake Mix

Protein-rich baking mixture for the simple preparation of a protein pancake!
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The protein pancake is easy to prepare.

1,000 g can


Baking mixture for the preparation of a protein-rich pancake (19 %).

Ingredients: Wheat flour, whey protein, palm fat, soy protein isolate, whole egg powder, sugar, wheat protein, skim milk powder, protein-enriched whey powder, baking agents (glucono-delta-lactone, sodium hydrogen carbonate), iodine salt, flavours. May contain traces of lupine.


Average nutritional values

per 100 g of powder

per serving

 (= 100 g of pancake)*


1603 kJ

382 kcal

802 kJ

191 kcal


thereof saturated fatty acids

12,7 g

6,3 g

6,3 g

3,2 g


thereof sugar

32,4 g

13,8 g

16,2 g

6,9 g


32,7 g

16,4 g


2,2 g

1,1 g

* made from 50 g of powder / 70 ml of water

Mix 50 g of powder with 70 ml of cold water and cook the pancakes in a pan at medium temperatures, first 3 minutes on one side and afterwards 1 minute on the other side.

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