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La dolce vita! The MegaProtein seasonal flavor Amaretti Nut puts you directly in the sun of Italy! As usual creamy and delicious!

The taste of Italy in your shake

Experience the real Italian feeling with Mega Protein Amaretti Nut. The creamy multi-component protein shake rewards you after your workout with a particularly delicious taste of amaretti and a composition of nuts. The high protein content provides your muscles with valuable building blocks so that the desire for a beach body can finally be realized. Proteins saturate really well and contribute to the maintenance and building of muscle mass.

Seasonal flavor, limited edition

Mega Protein Amaretti Nut is only available in a limited edition. Fans know that the seasonal flavors of Energybody are a real insider tip and accordingly sold out quickly.

Practical, chic tin can

Special flavors also need a befitting packaging. The easily soluble powder is therefore delivered in a chic tin can. This is not only practical due to the large opening, but can also be recycled well. Particularly creative athletes can also reuse the tin for other purposes.

Use: For one serving stir 25 g of powder ( about 3 heaped tablespoons) into 250 ml of water or low-fat milk (1,5 % fat). Take 1-3 servings spread over the day. The use after your training is especially recommended.

Important information: This product does not substitute a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

4.5 of 5
11 Ratings






04.01.2021 - André
Überraschend lecker und Cremig.

18.02.2021 - Laura
Super lecker! Am besten schmeckt er mir an sonnigen Tagen mit sehr kalter Milch gemixt.

01.03.2021 - Dana

12.04.2021 - Hermann
Schmeckt klasse, fast wie Eiscreme im Italienurlaub😀

12.04.2021 - Birgit

13.04.2021 - David
Sehr lecker und cremig!!!

13.04.2021 - Svetlana
Super lecker 👍👍👍

14.04.2021 - Annemarie
Super cremig, super Geschmack. ABER vieeeeeeeel zu süß, viel zu intensiv der Geschmack, für mich. Für 250 ml Flüssigkeit reicht dicke 1 Messlöffel. NUR ist dann die Wirkung noch da???

17.04.2021 - Jessica
Trifft leider nicht meinen Geschmack. Aber es schmeckt schon nach Amarettini.

19.04.2021 - Veronika

02.05.2021 - Felix
Ameretti-Nuss schmeckt wie von Energybody gewöhnt köstlich, Greek Café Frappé ist nicht so meins, sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig unsüß.

Ingredients: Milk protein, whey protein ( with emulsifier: lecithins (sunflower)), flavouring, thickener: xanthan gum, sweeteners (acesulfame K, cyclamate, saccharin, sucralose),colours (beta-carotene; sulphite ammonia caramel*)

Average nutritional values

per 100 g

per serving (25 g / 250 ml of water)

per serving ( 25 g / 250 ml of low-fat milk (1,5 % fat))


1618 kJ

382 kcal

405 kJ

96 kcal

898 kJ

213 kcal


of which saturates

4,2 g

1,7 g

1,0 g

0,4 g

4,8 g

3,1 g


of which sugars

7,4 g

3,1 g

1,8 g

0,8 g

14 g

13 g


78 g

20 g

28 g


0,45 g

0,11000 g

0,41 g


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